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Online degrees offer the ultimate in flexibility. Study anytime, anywhere.

Top 3 Universities in 2015

Colorado Tech University

Choose from over 65 online degrees: Associate, Bachelor, Master's, Doctorate.

Kaplan University

Find the exact degree you are seeking with over 150 accredited programs available online.

Ashford University

Established in 1918, select from 170 online degrees from a top-notch college with a solid reputation.

 Online Classes

How do online classes work?

Whether your are a stay at home mom, a full-time student wanting to speed up your degree, or working a full-time job, online courses and degrees can help you reach your goals.

 Why Online College?

Online Colleges

Offering a winning combination of flexibility, affordability, and choice, online schools make up the fastest growing sector of higher education.

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Online School Comparision

When it comes to comparing colleges, it is important to look at criteria such as accreditation, student-to-faculty ratio, degree programs offered, and financial aid opportunties.

Finding the Best Online Schools

At, we offer you the tools to find the best online schools that match your goals and interests. Our easy to use site lets you choose the level of degree you need, the field you want to study, and a wide-range of concentrations and degree specializations from which to choose. Take a look at all the options available to you, and we'll do all we can to help match you with the right online school.

More employers than ever are looking for a degree in job candidates, and without one, you may find that many doors are closed to you. At the same time, though, it's hard to take a career break and go back to school to get that qualification you need.

That's where accredited online schools and classes come into the picture. They offer a flexible way to earn your degree without having to go back to school full-time. An ideal solution for anyone who needs to combine study with work, they allow you to learn in your own time and plan your course of study around all of your other commitments, from the comfort of home.

Distance learning isn't just for small colleges any more, either. Top-ranked national universities and state colleges now offer a wide-range of accredited degrees online... and you'll be surprised at just how affordable attending the best online schools can be.

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